Apex Dynamics’ Innovative Curve For Rack And Pinion Technology.

3 April, 20

APEX Dynamics has complemented its range of precision gearboxes with pioneering rack and pinion technology that can improve manufacturing machinery performance by offering zero backlash, automatic concentricity and high torque transmission.

Rack and pinion solutions can replace ball screw systems with longer travel capability without adding inertia and offer higher force capability. Linear motors can also be replaced with rack and pinion to provide lower cost and similar performance in many applications.

Exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from APEX Dynamics UK, the all-tooth coupling between pinion and an APEX Dynamics precision-built gearbox ensures maximum efficiency of equipment due to the company’s patented self-centring Curvic Plate solution, which allows the connection between pinion and gearbox with a single screw.

An ideal system for applications such as machine tools, tube bending, woodworking, measurement equipment, laser cutting, robots and welding, other advantages include easy adjustment by switching positions, this can be achieved by rotating the pinion onto the next available tooth, quick assembly/disassembly and the flexibility to choose different pinion teeth without interfering with the locking screw.

APEX Dynamics supplies quality10 to quality four rack in stainless steel and steel, helical and straight tooth with various heat treatments available. Quality four rack has high accuracy with a pitch error of 20-23 microns per 1000mm. It is produced as a standard product, which is easily achieved due to the company’s facility being buried underground making temperature control simple, whereas above ground constantly changing weather conditions makes this much more difficult to control.

If a manufacturer’s factory floor space is at a premium, large diameter ballscrews may not be the answer. This is where an accurate rack and pinion with low backlash can be used to great effect with minimum space used, which could be a game changer for long axis machines, giving design engineers an option on both cost and sizing.

Supported by APEX Dynamics’ industry-busting three-week or less lead times – a timescale currently unmatched by its global competitors – and unique five-year warranty, the portfolio of rack and pinion equipment includes a lubricant pump system to reduce the inherent friction between moving parts, cutting machinery downtime, increasing productivity and avoiding expensive early maintenance.

Mike Gulliford, APEX Dynamics UK’s Managing Director, said:

“We are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. We believe that we stock the best rack and pinion drive systems and high-precision gearboxes, coupled with the quickest delivery times, on the market.”

As a global leader in the design, supply and manufacture of servo gearbox and rack and pinion technology, precision products from APEX Dynamics are capable of backlash accuracy down to less than one arc minute as well as being cleverly designed with a stainless-steel body and patented features around the seals and bearings.

In addition to rack and pinion systems, the Uttoxeter-based company also supplies an entire range of related servomotor solutions, including inline and right-angle planetary gearboxes, as well as spiral bevel gearboxes for customers in packaging machinery, food, pharma, automotive and numerous related markets, in fact any sector that uses automation, robotics or other high precision industrial machinery.

Founded in Taiwan in 1987, APEX Dynamics Inc. started with the production of take-out robots for plastics injection moulding machines before moving into the technology of high-precision planetary gearboxes for servomotors, based initially on their internal need for precision servo gearboxes for robotics. Globally well established in 35 countries worldwide, APEX Dynamics is currently continuing with its UK expansion programme, further strengthening its profile from its base in Uttoxeter.

APEX Dynamics can be contacted at [email protected]

Find out more at: https://www.apexdynauk.com

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