Bobcat Demo Days 2024 features more than 90 machines and innovations spanning manufacturer’s full equipment portfolio

28 May, 24
Bobcat will welcome more than 700 customers, dealers, suppliers and journalists to its Dobříš campus in Czechia from 21 May to 5 June

• Bobcat will welcome more than 700 customers, dealers, suppliers and journalists to its Dobříš campus in Czechia from 21 May to 5 June

• Bobcat Demo Days 2024 enables invited guests from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to get hands-on time with more than 90 demo machines and innovations

• Attendees have access to Bobcat’s full lineup, plus cutting-edge innovations such as the TL25.60e electric telehandler concept and the RogueX2 concept loader

More than 700 customers, dealers, suppliers and journalists from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are heading to Doosan Bobcat EMEA’s campus in Dobříš, Czechia for Bobcat Demo Days 2024. From 21 May to 5 June, attendees will receive unprecedented access to the organisation’s comprehensive equipment lineup over a series of 10 intense full-day experiences.

Bobcat Demo Days 2024 offers participants an opportunity to get up close and personal with several of the manufacturer’s cutting-edge innovations, such as the TL25.60e electric telehandler concept, the RogueX2 concept loader, Operator Presence technology, the Pedestrian Detection Camera, and next-generation Digital Access software.

Launched in the EMEA region in 2011, Bobcat Demo Days allow invited guests to gain insights into the manufacturer’s latest advancements through hands-on time with machines and in-depth factory tours. This year’s edition features more than 90 demo models, including Bobcat’s brand-new lineup of material handling units, skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, mini-excavators, telehandlers, ground maintenance equipment, light compaction models and more.

Jan Moravec, Vice President of Product, Bobcat EMEA, said: “Bobcat Demo Days 2024 will allow visitors to gain firsthand experience of our latest innovations, products, attachments and services, while providing a golden opportunity for our team members to engage with Bobcat’s community from all over the EMEA region. These invitation-only events are among the most anticipated fixtures in our annual calendar, and we can’t wait to give this year’s guests some hands-on time with our full equipment lineup.”

A suite of industry-leading innovations

Bobcat Demo Days 2024 is showcasing a number of cutting-edge, industry-leading innovations, including the manufacturer’s TL25.60e electric telehandler concept. The model, which is still in development and not yet commercially available, has a rated capacity of 2.5 tonne and a lifting height of almost 6 m, matching the performance offered by its diesel-powered equivalent. With three separated electric motors designed to maximize efficiency, a hydrostatic transmission to boost performance, a maximum speed of 25 km/h and the same super-compact dimensions as the conventional Bobcat TL25.60, the cutting-edge electric concept delivers low noise levels, minimal operating costs and impressive versatility. This is the first time Bobcat has given customers and partners the opportunity to get hands-on time with its TL25.60e concept.

Attendees will have an opportunity to experience Bobcat’s transparent OLED (T-OLED) screen technology, which has been developed in collaboration with LG and BSI Research. T-OLED enables operators to access an array of functionality without taking their eyes off the worksite, offering unparalleled clarity, responsiveness and visibility. It also has the capacity to facilitate a range of more advanced applications, such as real-time virtual reality (VR) simulations for utility line mapping.

The RogueX2 concept skid-steer loader is another innovation on display at Bobcat Demo Days 2024, although attendees won’t be able to climb into the machine’s cab as it doesn’t have one. This autonomous, all-electric model has been built as a proving ground for technologies developed as part of Bobcat’s innovation roadmap, offering a glimpse of how future generations of loaders will facilitate an entirely new work experience for users.

Vijay Nerva, Innovation Lead, Bobcat EMEA, commented: “The RogueX2 produces zero emissions thanks to its lithium-ion battery, electric drive system and electric-actuated lift and tilt kinematics with no hydraulics. A follow-up to the RogueX, which we introduced at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, the RogueX2 is a skid-steer version that features wheels instead of tracks to optimize its electric battery runtime, and its axial flux motors deliver incredible tractive effort.”

Bobcat will use this year’s event to showcase its Operator Presence technology, a concept that is currently being developed for excavator models. Operator Presence leverages a 3D time-of-flight (ToF) camera – advanced technology more commonly utilized in emerging sectors such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, gesture recognition and virtual reality (VR) – to enhance safety by monitoring users’ movements and the wider cabin environment. By actively tracking the operator’s presence and interactions within the cabin, the system can prevent unintended machine actions, ensuring a safer work environment – especially in close quarters. It can also detect multiple occupants, instantly disable workgroups to avoid accidents and recognize when a joystick is released, deactivating the associated workgroup while maintaining drive. These proactive safety measures are designed to minimize the risk of accidents, improve operator control and, ultimately, enhance overall worksite efficiency.

Guests at Bobcat Demo Days 2024 will get to witness Bobcat’s Pedestrian Detection Camera in action. The device’s software is able to differentiate between humans and their surroundings thanks to its AI-enabled processing capabilities, helping to eliminate unnecessary operator alerts. The innovation’s database is also able to identify humans in different postures and positions, including standing, kneeling, crouching, sitting, with their backs turned, and even when they are only partially visible.

Bobcat will also showcase its Digital Access software, an advanced system that allows operators to use smartphones as ‘keys’ to specific machines, providing an alternative to existing passcode entry functionality while ensuring units understand the preferences of their users before they begin work. In addition, this innovation enables fleet owners to lock out certain functionality or attachments in line with the respective skillsets of their employees.

These six innovations are the latest in a long line of advanced solutions that Bobcat has developed to enable its customers to accomplish more.

Hands-on time with Bobcat’s latest machines

Bobcat Demo Days 2024 will feature a selection of recently introduced machines, including the M-Series S630 and S650 Stage V skid-steer loaders, which have been developed for use in European markets. The models’ D24 engines, which feature Bosch fuel-injection systems, deliver superior performance while adhering to strict emission regulations, enabling attendees to see Bobcat’s long-standing commitment to sustainable operations in action.

This year’s event features the new lineup of Bobcat rotary telehandlers, which deliver unrivaled visibility thanks to the manufacturer’s patented panoramic cab. The latest range comprises nine Stage V models with lifting heights of between 18 and 39 m that have been designed for European markets, and four Stage IIIA machines with lifting heights of 18 to 26 m that have been developed for use in the Middle East and Africa.

Bobcat’s PG40 and PG50 generators will be on display in Dobříš this year. The units represent a leap forward in portable power solutions, offering a selection of advantages such as optional running gear for easy transportation and ‘Liquid Heat’, a low-load management system designed to reduce downtime and deliver peace of mind. Powered by Stage V HDI D24 engines, the eco-conscious models build on the success of their predecessors by delivering a combination of increased power and lower fuel consumption.

The PA12.7v compressor will also make an appearance at Bobcat Demo Days 2024. The portable variable pressure compressor utilizes a FlexAir system, which allows it to operate in the range of 5.5 to 12.1 bar, offering free air deliveries of 5.2 to 7 m3 per minute. As a result, the PA12.7v is suitable for a wide range of applications, making it one of the most versatile air compressors on the market.

In addition, Bobcat is demonstrating how its construction lineup is delivering even greater levels of sustainability to users. The manufacturer’s mini-excavators, skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, telehandlers, rotary telehandlers, mini track loaders and forklifts have been approved for use with HVO biofuel and other EN 15940 standard paraffinic fuels.

Bobcat’s entire range in a single location

Bobcat Demo Days 2024 represents an unprecedented opportunity for attendees to gain firsthand experience of the company’s full equipment lineup in one place.

“We are immensely excited to welcome our guests to Dobříš this year, as they will have an unprecedented opportunity to get hands-on time with Bobcat’s newly expanded range,” Jan Moravec added. “Our team has introduced a diverse selection of models over the past 12 months, and we are looking forward to giving our customers and partners the chance to try out Bobcat’s latest advancements in person.”

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