thyssenkrupp Steel Europe extends cooperation with Transporeon around freight assignment and real-time visibility

• Germany’s largest steel manufacturer expands its cooperation with the global logistics platform from Ulm.
• For 12 years now, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has been using Transporeon services to book time slots for the loading and unloading of trucks.
• Now the company becomes part of the Transporeon network and will assign more than 500 steel transports daily via the world’s leading platform in transport logistics.
• To this end, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe will rely on real-time visibility (RTV) to manage its freight assignment even more precisely and with greater foresight.

Since 2008 thyssenkrupp Steel Europe has been using Transporeon’s time slot management to coordinate the loading and unloading of trucks. Thanks to the newly agreed upon cooperation with Transporeon, the steel manufacturer is now able to monitor deliveries to its customers, e.g. from the automotive industry, even outside the loading zone.

Real-time visibility (RTV) allows thyssenkrupp Steel Europe to track and manage the position of every delivery – similar to the way an airport control tower oversees traffic and allocates time slots flexibly to ensure the safe execution of takeoffs and landings. Precisely estimated arrival times make it possible to plan processes in the loading zone with greater foresight than before and to handle them “just-in-time”. This way, unnecessary waiting times can be avoided and costs – for example, due to unused cranes waiting for trucks – can be minimized. A new time slot can be assigned dynamically in the event of a delay.

Ingo Brauckmann, CEO Logistics Services & Customer Operations at thyssenkrupp Steel, said: “We decided to cooperate with Transporeon because we want to better coordinate the tracking of our deliveries and the calculation of exact arrival times. Transporeon’s solution helps us to implement this efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Joachim Schürings, responsible for freight procurement at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, added: “In addition, we can now replace our in-house developed e-logistics platform, which was ‘state of the art’ in the early 2000s, and thereby achieve further efficiency gains.” Transporeon CEO Stephan Sieber emphasized: “It is not only thyssenkrupp Steel Europe benefitting from our platform. More than 100,000 carriers now also have the opportunity to receive relevant transport orders from Duisburg. Therefore, we offer a win-win situation – shippers and carriers alike receive benefits from both real-time visibility and the significant network effect that Transporeon offers!”
Data-based RTV allows to automatically calculate the truck travel time in advance. 88% of the time, the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is accurate six hours in advance. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and Transporeon intend to improve this value, which is well above the market average, even further. For this purpose, the partners have agreed to jointly develop an artificial intelligence algorithm specifically tailored to the needs of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe.

In the future, the steel manufacturer will handle all truck deliveries via the world’s leading platform in transport logistics. The Transporeon network is the largest of its kind, used by more than 100,000 carriers. As a result, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe receives the best possible offer for its orders, optimizing transport costs and reducing loading times. At the same time, the effort to provide and maintain a freight-assignment platform operated in-house becomes obsolete.
Transporeon simplifies freight assignment, its processing and monitoring. Over 700 trucks a day leave the sites of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG to deliver a wide range of high-grade flat steel products to customers.

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