Steve Robins appointed Managing Director of Hyperbat

14 December, 23
Hyperbat, the leading manufacturer of high-performance electric vehicle batteries in the UK, has appointed Steve Robins as its new Managing Director.

Hyperbat, the leading manufacturer of high-performance electric vehicle batteries in the UK, has appointed Steve Robins as its new Managing Director. Hyperbat is a joint venture between Unipart and Fortescue WAE and specialises in manufacturing cutting-edge EV battery systems.

Steve brings a wealth of experience to Hyperbat, having started his career as a structural/stress engineer in the automotive industry and subsequently progressing into senior operational and business leadership roles. His journey includes significant contributions in automotive, aerospace, and energy sectors, culminating in his recent role as President, Nuclear and Marine, within IMI plc.

Steve Robins said: “I am excited to be joining a business with great growth potential, backed by two such distinguished businesses and in a sector that is central to delivering a low-carbon future”

Hyperbat has reached a further significant milestone with this appointment, which is one of several steps being taken to realise and accelerate further growth.

The recent completion of the £11.3m H1PerChain project, funded through the Advanced Propulsion Centre, not only enhanced supply chain capability but also expanded the high voltage manufacturing area by an impressive 160%. As a result, Hyperbat proudly introduced a state-of-the-art EV battery pilot line. The dedication to excellence is evident in the modern smart factory concept, adorned with the latest technology in EV battery manufacture.

The Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, which is located next to Hyperbat, has also recently expanded its research and development facilities, doubling in size through a £6m expansion. This proximity allows Hyperbat to leverage enhanced capabilities, contributing to Hyperbat’s ongoing growth.

These strategic moves follow on from the securing of the Lotus Ejiva battery manufacturing contract, and address crucial gaps in the industry’s talent pipeline. The new facility is not just a manufacturing hub; it is a testament to Hyperbat’s dedication to innovation, growth, and the future of electric vehicles.

Carol Rose Burke, Unipart Manufacturing Group Managing Director and Hyperbat Board Director, said: “Steve’s track record demonstrates not only a profound passion for technology but also a keen understanding of technology businesses and the development and progression of people. We believe his leadership will play a pivotal role in driving Hyperbat’s growth and spearheading the latest technological innovations to support the ever-evolving electric vehicle and low-carbon future.”

Andrew Carlisle, Fortescue WAE MD Mobility and Hyperbat Board Director, added: “We are looking forward to working with Steve in an exciting and rapidly growing sector, supporting both manufacturers and suppliers in their transition to electrification in conjunction with Fortescue’s drive for a zero emissions future”

Hyperbat’s recent accomplishments position it as a key player in the EV landscape, contributing significantly to the UK’s transition to a low-carbon future and aligning with global goals. With the appointment of Steve, the team is poised for future success in shaping the future of sustainable mobility.

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