Countdown begins: Manufacturers must act now to find new providers for certification services

21 April, 22

In January, the UK Government Office for Product and Safety Standards announced that the National Measurement Office (NMO) would cease providing Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) services for regulated measuring instruments from 30 April 2022. NMO subsequently named NMi as a suitable alternative provider for UKCA Module D manufacturing system certifications and Module B type evaluation certificates. The NMO’s existing customers can now transfer their certificates to NMi.

With the deadline to transfer Module D certificates only 9 days away, NMi urges manufacturers to act now to ensure their manufacturing operations are certified, ensuring they can then continue to place their instruments on the UK market.

NMi was the first European-notified body operating in the measuring instrument sector to set up in the UK and secure an appointment as a UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) approved body. As such, we now serve many customers as a single point of contact for delivering both UK and European certifications (and associated UKCA and CE product markings).

Adrian Rudd, UK Manager at NMi, said: “With NMO’s withdrawal from the conformity assessment market only a few days away, manufacturers must now seek an alternative provider for module D certification services. NMi can provide the solution and support businesses transition to new UK service requirements and provision. Please do get in touch’.”

Manufacturers of NMO EU MID/NAWI module Bs still have until 31 December to find a new provider (or earlier if they implement a design modification impacting the original type evaluation).

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