Stop shipping air and save fuel with Insert Tubs urges UK-based manufacturer S&S Plastics as fuel prices hit historic highs

2 March, 22

As fuel prices at the pump surge past £1.50 and potentially on their way towards £2.00 per litre, Nottinghamshire-based plastics moulding specialist S&S Plastics have a unique solution to increase logistics efficiency through the implementation of their innovative Insert Tub solution.

Insert Tubs are an ideal solution for retailers looking for increased efficiency and ways to avoid passing on increasing fuel costs to their customers.

The S&S Plastics Insert Tubs are a removeable insert for storage and shipping totes that allow for a single tote to increase it’s SKU capacity by 800% without risk of cross contamination.

This number relates to a standard pallet now being able to carry 42 totes with up to 8 individual SKUs inside, increasing its load from 42 to 336 SKUs.

With integrated QR-code placements, compatibility across stack-nester and storage totes and a design that makes them robot-friendly, the Insert Tubs are a uniquely elegant solution to soaring costs across the retail, haulage, and storage industries.

Launched at the end of 2021, and already counting a luxury London retailer and a Manchester-based multi-brand e-commerce specialist amongst their repeat-buying clients, S&S Plastics have hit the ground running with orders for over 90,000 units already shipped.

“We’ve seen that as fuel price uncertainty has risen so has interest in the Insert Tubs. They offer a simple solution to help offset fuel price rises and increase supply chain efficiency as a whole. Across e-commerce and logistics, the Insert Tubs are making a very real impact on brand health as firms look to reduce both costs and environmental emissions,” said Nick Bortone, Managing Director of S&S Plastics.

Plastic injection moulding innovators, S&S Plastics, will showcase its Insert Tubs solution at IntraLogisteX later this month. The brand will be demonstrating how their recently launched product can cut costs and increase efficiency by up to 800% for operational and procurement managers across industry.

The exhibition, which runs from 29-30 March 2022 at the Coventry Building Society Arena, UK, will see S&S Plastics demonstrate how the environmentally-sustainable Insert Tubs can solve cost and supply chain inefficiencies. There is currently a 100% reorder rate for Insert Tubs from S&S Plastics customers.

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