LogiMAT trade fair: Embedded vision for intralogistics

28 March, 22

Vision Components will present smart components, sensors and imaging technologies for OEM intralogistics projects at the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany, at booth #4-C26. The product range includes versatile camera modules, electronics kits for customized vision sensors as well as turnkey solutions that take image processing, machine vision and AI to the shop floor and logistics. An OEM product based on a VC embedded vision system will be on show: Vision Components‘ partner Retenua has realized a fully autonomous driver-assistance system that detects reflectors on high-visibility clothing, calculates the 3D position and speed of people and triggers an alarm to the driver if an accident threatens. The emitrace sensing and processing unit is typically installed at the rear of industrial vehicles and connects to an optoacoustic signaling device in the driver’s cabin. No other devices are necessary. Optionally, if coupled with the vehicle control system, emitrace can even directly initiate braking. It is available as an OEM component for logistics applications.

Embedded vision brings along a high data depth and thus opens up entirely new possibilities and smart applications for camera sensors in intralogistics – from barcode reading to fully automated measurement of parcels, to self-driving, autonomously navigating transport robots. Vision Components supplies OEMs both with economic camera sensors for industrial applications for quick and easy combination with all common embedded platforms, and deeply integrated standalone systems uniting image capture and processing. All of these products are designed for flexible integration in OEM designs for all kinds of applications. They are rugged and long-term available. Exhibits include tested and proven dedicated sensors for barcode reading, object detection and measurement and other applications based on 3D laser triangulation. These are available as ready-to-use sensors with protective housings or as modular electronics kit for OEM projects.

Caption: Vision Components supplies rugged standalone solutions, customized systems and modular kits for integrating embedded vision in intralogistics, transportation and automation. The emitrace driver-assistance system from Retenua uses VC components and is designed for demanding industrial environments.

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