JLT Mobile Computers selected by leading European sourcing and services company solar

15 February, 22

JLT Mobile Computers, a leading developer of reliable computing solutions for demanding environments, has over a number of years supplied Solar Denmark A/S with hundreds of rugged forklift computers to enable smooth warehouse operations and reduce the risk of delayed orders. The computers’ reliable hardware and superior network connectivity allows operators to track items from order right through to customer delivery.

Solar is a 3,000-employee sourcing and services company mainly within electrical, heating, plumbing, ventilation, climate, and energy solutions. With warehouses in five countries delivering throughout Northern Europe, their business is centered on providing professional contractors with a broad product range, reliable product availability and a variety of value-added services. Solar has over a quarter million products in stock keeping unit and relies on complete accuracy in filling next-day orders for their customers.

When Solar was looking for new forklift computers, they wanted devices that were fully compatible with their existing SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) inventory control system that runs on Windows 10. Among Solar’s other primary requirements was ruggedness, quality, and a completely reliable network connectivity under all operating conditions. They turned to Danish warehouse IT specialist Codeex to help them evaluate a number of competing systems and found the JLT1214P™ rugged forklift computer best suited for the job.

After rolling out its initial order of JLT1214P forklift computers to keep track of stocks and increase on-time delivery in its Danish warehouses, Solar was so impressed that since then they have continued to purchase additional devices for their warehouses in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. In a recent video case study, Leif Prüsse Lauridsen, maintenance technician at Solar, sums up the reasons for their satisfaction: “The JLT computers are reliable, with great network connectivity, and they don’t need constant rebooting. What’s more – they never break down. In fact, I’ve never sent one in for repair in the four years we’ve had them.”

The Solar Denmark A/S operation requires meticulous tracking of all items, at all times. Having computers mounted directly onto forklifts enables the company to follow items from the moment a customer places an order, through the logging, picking, packaging, and shipping process, and until final delivery. Solar employees have everything right at hand – computer, scanner, printer – to keep track of every item throughout the entire process. That means that completely reliable network connectivity of the computers mounted on forklift, trolleys and other machinery with the company’s overall SAP EWM inventory control system is crucial.

The customer’s selection of the JLT1214P computer was based on a combination of ruggedness, reliability, processing, and wireless connectivity performance, as well as the computer’s capability of interfacing with both new and legacy peripherals, and a custom BIOS toolset that allows full utilization of the company’s SAP EWM software suite.

The mature and extensively field-tested JLT1214P forklift computer has gained the trust of customers within warehousing, cross-docking, and other logistics applications around the world. It features the rugged self-calibrating JLT PowerTouch™ projective capacitive touch display technology that provides a user-friendly touch experience similar to modern consumer devices, both with a gloved or ungloved hand, while ensuring ruggedness, reliability and longevity in even the most demanding environments.

The JLT1214P computer’s WLAN and Bluetooth both take advantage of JLT’s built-in highly sensitive Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) technology, designed for highly reliable wireless connectivity even in difficult environments with weak or uneven coverage.

Like all JLT systems, the JLT1214P logistics computer is built from the ground up to deliver maximum reliability and functionality in demanding environments. A high integration of features and a compact design provide for fast, reliable, and inexpensive installation, even in small spaces.

For more information about JLT Mobile Computers, its products, and solutions, visit www.jltmobile.com.

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