The Crosby Group launch new app for elevator car weighing and balancing

20 January, 22

The Crosby Group announces the launch of the updated Crosby Straightpoint COLT3 Bluetooth app—with new elevator function—for use with its Clamp On Line Tensiometer (COLT). The app is free-to-download and can be activated with a free code.

The tool is already popular for measuring tension on static lines, but the latest version of the app features a new, bifunctional Elevator Mode, which will be used for weighing and balancing cars in new installations and maintenance or repair applications. The tool and app combine to measure tension on each cable, automatically calculating car weight; it also measures and calculates balance of load across up to 10 cables.

The COLT measures tension on wire ropes up to 11,000 lbf (lb. force) / 5,000 kgf (kg force) and up to 1 in. / 25mm diameter. It clamps onto pre-tensioned wire ropes, eliminating the need for additional sheaves or tooling. The tool transmits tension data wirelessly to any smart device running the Android or iOS app that also contains an infinite wire rope library. Tension in wire ropes can be measured and logged within a few seconds.

The proximity of work in the elevator sector means Bluetooth—a short-range, wireless technology—is perfect for this industry. Since the original COLT’s launch in 2018, the system has been widely adopted by elevator professionals, but the latest version of the app is more specifically designed for applications in this industry, for example, measuring and balancing the tension on cables.

Thomas Dietvorst, Director of Technology Solutions, said: “The product is of particular interest to those looking to utilize the Elevator Mode, but features such as data-logging, GPS, and a camera feature in the wire rope mode, will prove their worth in a multitude of industries and applications. The elevator industry is a major marketplace, and we anticipate widespread uptake even beyond what we have seen with guy wires previously.”

Dietvorst reiterated that the tensiometer must be used with the accompanying app, which in multi-anchor, data-logging mode gives users the advantage of being able to store photos of specific measurements for future reference. The data-logging feature, meanwhile, captures information such as the job and location. In balancing mode, a colour-coded slider graph visually displays the target value and if that value is within tolerance.

The app will also be utilized by new and existing users of the tensiometer in cellular telecommunications applications, in addition to those working with dam gates, suicide nets, and bridges.

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