Production line with comprehensive data acquisition

12 January, 22

Intra-logistics specialist LOSYCO has realized a new production line with intelligent process control for a construction machinery manufacturer. For continuous production data acquisition, LOSYCO equipped all stations with networked operator terminals and implemented a central control and evaluation unit with visualization and an MES interface. There, events triggered at the stations by pushbutton input are registered and evaluated – cycle prompts, help requests in the event of material shortage or assembly requirements, and emergency stops. Based on these comprehensive data, the construction machinery manufacturer can optimize the performance of the entire line through targeted process control by efficiently coordinating start, cycle and break times, and organizing the station-related tasks according to how much time each takes. Problems and interruptions of the process flow can be identified early on and corrected, for example, by reassigning tasks or readjusting the quality of components and manufacturing and logistics processes. Designed with 12 workstations on a total length of 165 m, the line can be expanded to up to 17 cycles. It has a maximum towing capacity of 170 tons. Assemblies weighing several tons are placed on special transport platforms running on floor-level rails. A special drag system consisting of tie rods and a chain conveyor moves the transport platforms from station to station. A chain conveyor with a cycle length of 10.15 meters is installed at the end of the line.

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