Key investment to increase hand fitting capacity

9 August, 21

Due to the high demand for concrete roof tiles as the construction industry rises above pre-Covid levels – leading pitched roof tile manufacturer Russell Roof Tiles has seen a huge increase in the requirement for concrete hand-fittings.

To cope with this increase in demand, the roof tile manufacturer has invested in two new curing chambers as part of a wider expansion programme, allowing Russell Roof Tiles to increase capacity on certain key concrete hand fittings by 50 per cent.

With the key focus on Hip End and Block End Ridge concrete products – the investment will also allow the firm to produce more vent tiles and other handmade items.

Russell Roof Tiles is the largest independent manufacturer of concrete derivatives in the UK pitched roofing market and currently employs 140 staff across its three sites (two in Burton) and Lochmaben, Scotland.

The manufacturer worked closely with specialist curing contractors to design and build the two new chambers which are now fully operational.

Dan Hancox, Business Support Manager at Russell Roof Tiles says: “Following our green agenda, the new curing chambers have been designed to be fully insulated and temperature-controlled units to ensure optimisation of energy consumption and reduce wasted heat. This means we can be more efficient with a lower carbon footprint.”

By investing in high tech temperature and humidity monitoring, Russell Roof Tiles is able to maintain the stability required to produce high quality products whilst adding additional volume to their existing product range.

Dan continues: “The investment is to address the growing demand in the current climate and to provide greater flexibility in production. The main purpose of this project is to support Lockerbie to produce more fittings but a large portion of these are sold in the Midlands – so we have moved some production to the local area to avoid extra transportation costs and save on the environment.”

Russell Roof Tiles is a leading independent pitched roof tile manufacturer supplying products for the top housebuilders and high-profile social housing and commercial projects. The company produces thousands of tiles every week that are used on roofs across the UK, for all of the UK’s premier housebuilders and developers.

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