Eco-friendly products manufactured by Bothongo Hygiene Solutions protect people and the planet

16 July, 21

With almost half of UK consumers now actively considering the environment when making a purchase (according to a GlobalData survey), the market is more than ready to embrace a selection of sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning products that protect both families and the planet.

The Greenzupp and Zuppclean Eco ranges, proudly manufactured in Britain by Bothongo Hygiene Solutions, tick all the boxes when it comes to innovative cleaning solutions ready to meet the challenges of the post-Covid world.

Sustainability becomes particularly hard to maintain during a global crisis but by using these eco-powered products, customers will be well equipped to meet their present hygiene needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

“We started the Zuppclean Eco and Greenzupp ranges with green chemistry top of mind. We wanted to build a foundation of sustainability in which we replaced existing chemical compounds with more eco-friendly ingredients” says Nick Winstone, CEO of Bothongo Hygiene Solutions, which is based near Towcester, Northamptonshire.

Nick adds, “The pandemic has highlighted the need for improved well-being for both the planet and its inhabitants and we know that our products ensure a lasting clean without compromising health or damaging delicate ecosystems.”

Specially formulated to cater for the professional janitorial market, the concentrated Zuppclean Eco range is competitively priced, cost-effective, fully biodegradable, non-toxic to aquatic life and complies with all relevant EU regulations. To give further peace of mind to all sustainability-conscious facility managers, the range has been awarded the UN “Ecoflower” standard, a label of environmental excellence only given to products that incorporate appropriate levels of Volatile Organic Compounds.

The ready to use, Greenzupp products designed for cleaning and sanitising the home, boast all the same features and benefits as the commercial range whilst at the same time assuring users and homeowners that they will significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Developed to combat grease, grime and dirt across most household surfaces, the eco-friendly Greenzupp products will clean and sanitise countertops, furniture, floors, carpets and appliances but never at the expense of environmentally sensitive botanical species and without using any animal-derived ingredients. Non propellant gasses are used in all the trigger sprayed, misting or foaming variants.

The containers housing the products have also been carefully and purposely chosen and the Zuppclean Eco range is packaged in post-consumer recycled plastic packaging that is recycled and recyclable.

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