Boost in sustainable technology

24 June, 21

With sustainable packaging on every manufacturing and distribution company’s agenda, it is only natural that the industry is turning to advances in and adoption of digital technologies to meet the latest requirements and bring fresh alternatives onto the market.

In return, the growth of digital technology is also enabling the industry to become more aware of its packaging usage – a partnership that is helping to progress one another.

Craig Turner, Managing Director at Southgate Packaging, one of Europe’s leading packing suppliers comments: “At Southgate, sustainability product innovation is of the utmost priority. We are consistently striving to offer sustainable alternatives to our customers across a wide range of our products. And certainly, technology plays a key role in the manufacturing of our sustainable packaging products.

“For example, our range of airwave machines manage the cushion speed, inflation rate and amount needed to minimise wastage – reducing operator time and creating sustainable solutions to void fill. Thereby, containing 98 per cent air cushions using minimal material without compromising on product protection. Offering compostable, paper and carbon neutral films also ensure that the consumer can responsibly dispose of packaging waste.

“We are already witnessing developments being made almost daily in sustainable material alternatives, from seaweed to agricultural waste, the movement towards achieving a more circular economy brings frequent new advancements which is incredibly exciting for the industry. And as technology continues to advance, we know this will only continue to bring new alternatives to the table and meet the desired environmental requirements for both businesses and consumers.”

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