Blue World Technologies and Clayton Power join forces

12 May, 21

The two companies are working together to develop a small-scale mobile methanol fuel cell solution for stationary and auxiliary power. The target is to develop a solution in the 5 to 15-kilowatt power range.

Blue World Technologies and Clayton Power are committed to the development of next-generation methanol fuel cell solution to deliver safe, reliable, and low-cost energy to auxiliary power demands. The methanol fuel cell solution combines Blue World Technologies’ proprietary high-temperature proton exchange membrane (HTPEM) technology, and Clayton Power’s lithium-ion battery solution to provide an instant- and continuous power supply. The effort is supported by Danish Energy Agency through the EUDP (Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program) and includes Aalborg University as a key knowledge partner.

The aim is to develop a compact, flexible, and modular solution in the power range between 5 – 15 kW making it perfect for installation onboard heavy-duty trucks to generate silent and vibration-free energy powering appliances (air conditioning, TV, microwave, refrigeration and other equipment) during vehicle stops or as a portable/mobile generator supplying power beyond the grid for tools and equipment at construction sites, telecommunication sites, remote medical facilities, and other off-grid needs. The fuel cell power unit has zero particle emission and has a net-zero carbon operation when powered with methanol from renewable sources.

“The main commercial solutions available today are diesel and battery APUs, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Battery APUs are efficient, silent, and ideal for applications with a specific discharge time. Diesel APUs generate power as long as fuel is available, however, they are dirty, noisy, and inefficient. We are thrilled about the collaboration with Clayton Power, as we are looking forward to combining the best of both worlds and offer an efficient, silent, and CO2-neutral methanol fuel cell APU and mobile generator solution for backup or continuous power generation.”
Mads Friis Jensen, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder, Blue World Technologies

“We at Clayton Power are happy to have joined forces with Blue World Technologies. By the collaboration, we are able to combine the best of our technologies into a compact, flexible, and modular solution in the power range between 5 – 15 kW system that accommodates all the challenges there are with alternative solutions solely powered by diesel or batteries.”
Allan Kock, Chief Commercial Officer, Clayton Power

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