Neste’s renewable fuel oil reduces greenhouse gas emissions from Lumene’s manufacturing process

26 April, 21

Finnish cosmetics company Lumene introduces Neste MY Non-Road Diesel™ at its factory in Kauklahti, Espoo, Finland, during this spring. The renewable fuel oil replaces the fossil fuel oil previously used at the factory. By switching to a new renewable solution launched by Neste in early 2021, Lumene is able to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the production of process steam needed in the product manufacturing by up to 90%* compared to using fossil fuel oil.

“Sustainability is one of Lumene’s core values, and ensuring product quality and environmental friendliness throughout our products’ life cycle is of paramount importance to us. Over the past year, we have focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions at our Kauklahti factory, and the introduction of Neste’s renewable fuel oil is one concrete change towards this end. By replacing fossil fuel oil with an alternative made from renewable raw materials, we are able to reduce our factory’s greenhouse gas emissions here and now”, says Kristina Enqvist, Production Director at Lumene.

The only direct emission source at the Lumene factory has been fossil fuel oil. On average, it has accounted for 10% of the factory’s total energy consumption. In 2020, the fossil fuel oil use by Lumene produced 192,000 kilos of greenhouse gas emissions. Replacing fossil fuel oil with a renewable alternative reduces emissions on average as much as the removal of 70 passenger cars from Finnish roads for a year.

The renewable fuel oil is also delivered with lower emissions

At the beginning of the year, Neste was the first in Finland to launch a fuel oil made from 100% renewable raw materials. This contributes to Finland’s objective of becoming carbon neutral by 2035, and helps the heating and machinery sectors to achieve their goals for emission reduction.

“We are committed to reducing our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by 20 million tons annually by 2030. Our partnership with Lumene will deepen as we work together to reduce the emissions from cosmetics production. When looking at emissions during the products’ life cycle, the transportation of the fuel to the factory is also important. Renewable fuel oil is transported from our Porvoo refinery to the Lumene factory in Neste trucks that run on renewable diesel. This way we also reduce emissions from transportation,” says Heidi Peltonen, Manager for Sustainable Partnerships at Neste.

“A more sustainable future cannot be achieved alone. Cooperation between partners on sustainability issues is crucial,” says Enqvist.

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