Fontaine introduce new heavy-duty 2” sliding fifth wheel

22 April, 21

Fifth wheel specialist Fontaine has announced the launch of a new 170SF Heavy Duty 2’’ Sliding Fifth Wheel into the commercial market, designed for 80-tonne applications, which is said to allow for a heavier payload without the need to specify costly super-heavy duty sliders.

This mounting option utilises the Fontaine 170CL Heavy Duty 2’’ Cast Fifth Wheel, with heights from 148mm – 257mm (plus 40mm height for the slider), and standard DIN 6 mounting brackets.

The slider is certified to ECE R 55-01 (the international regulation for fifth wheels), tested to 25T imposed load (U) and 170kN D-value, and is suitable for most 60T-100T gross combination weight 2’’ kingpin applications (D-value calculation permitting). The mechanism release is available in manual or air-operated configurations.

The system can be complimented by Fontaine’s Green Eye sensor kit, comprising an extended handle, sensor and a single LED light which indicates when the fifth wheel is correctly closed, and that the driver has carried out his checks by fitting the safety clip.

Also available is the patented TechLock system, specifically designed to reduce miscoupling. Its jaw height sensor will not allow the fifth wheel to close if the kingpin enters at the incorrect height or position.

‘’Our profiled protective forging safeguards the TechLock mechanism from damage due to high-coupling errors’’, says Fontaine. ‘’Plus, the 360° kingpin surface contact extends the life of the kingpin and fifth wheel mechanism’’.

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