Slicing without crust freezing: GEA slashes energy costs with a new involute blade, featuring a saw-tooth edge

12 February, 21

With its high-performance slicers that can be integrated into fully automated slicing and packaging lines, GEA is setting benchmarks for the global food processing industry. GEA engineers have now developed a special saw-tooth edge for involute blades that guarantees high-quality slicing without the need to first crust freeze products, such as cooked sausage and ham. By saving energy costs from the very first cut, this machine upgrade delivers a direct and sustainable improvement to the process’s energy footprint.

When it comes to sliced foods, manufacturers have clear expectations. To ensure high product yield, slice quality and output must be on target. Various factors impact slicing results. The two primary causes for variation in slicing results are technical aspects and the product itself. From a technical perspective, it’s the blade, the setup parameters and machine configuration that impact slicing results. Product-related factors include the food’s consistency, the calibration and the temperature during slicing. The consistency of the food determines how the slicer is prepared for the slicing process. In addition to this setup, which includes, for instance, the pressure on the product and the log length, it is vital the product is at the optimum temperature.

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