Kent Based Manufacturer Vital Parts Pledges £1M Investment In Growth, Employment, and Technology Over the Next 12 Months

30 July, 20

Goldman Sachs-recognized high growth company Vital Parts has pledged its commitment to a large investment in local careers, growth, and operational technology following seven years of expansion. Based in Maidstone, Kent, the company has recently employed a new Sales Manager, Customer Service Supervisor, and Director of Organisational Development, with a combined total of 40 years’ experience in FTSE250 manufacturing companies.

Besides implementing a new recruitment drive, the company has also promoted internal advancement. One promotion in particular recently shared on LinkedIn, featured warehousing team member Harry, who was recently promoted to the role of Stock Controller after excelling in his role.

Asked for his feedback on the company’s internal promotion policy, Harry commented:

“Vital Parts has always offered a platform for growth and it’s great to be rewarded for my continued hard work. No matter what department you are in, there is always an opportunity to grow your career so I am grateful to be here.”

Speaking on role availability, Managing Director Mike Holt gave the following advice to prospecting employees.

“Our pledge of investment into local industry spans ten office-based roles at varied experience levels, from a place in the senior management team, to an apprentice looking to learn on the job. We want to shine a spotlight on the exciting opportunities available for members of staff to excel by working towards long-term career development, rather than just a ‘job.’ As strong advocates of the government-led apprenticeship scheme, we see opportunity in developing the skills of our employees and have had excellent success in doing so.

We urge anyone who is serious about a role with us to check out our careers page where we regularly update the jobs we have available.”

Vital Parts also confirmed that the pledged investment would be spent in the following areas:

* Greatly improving stock holding on top-selling product lines
* Funding team development activities to improve interpersonal skills between departments
* Investing in continued professional development structures for existing staff
* Investing in new organisational technologies to increase internal efficiency

Commenting on the relevance of stock holding and technology to their growth ambition, Mike Holt had the following additional comments:

“With thousands of unique products, it has always been a challenge to manage stock levels; however, we’re always trying to improve our service for customers and one way we can do this is by increasing the quantity we keep in stock with a 100% increase predicted by the end of 2020.

“Alongside this we will be investing over £100,000 into a fully comprehensive order management system, which will revolutionize the way we operate. Not only will this help us manage stock levels, but help prioritize product lines which are growing in popularity so that we’ve always got the product customers need.”

Know Anyone Looking for a Career?

If you’re interested, or know anyone who would be interested, Vital Parts is offering an incentive of £500 per recommendation for candidates who successfully pass the interview stage. To get involved and find out more, visit our Facebook and Careers pages.

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