Adapting To The Coronavirus Challenge.

8 April, 20

Many manufacturing and supply chain operations are providing essential services in the fight against the worst effects of the coronavirus outbreak. MRPeasy works with companies in these sectors and with organisations in two industries at the forefront: pharmaceutical and medical devices.

In addition to continuing to support existing customers, MRPeasy, cloud-based MRP system vendor for small manufacturers, is providing an extended free trial period of 30 days, at no extra cost, for new sign-ups from companies in the crucial pharmaceutical and medical devices sector until the 1 May 2020.

Karl Lauri, managing team member at MRPeasy said:

“We are taking all necessary measures at MRPeasy to ensure we follow the guidelines and keep the team healthy. Across the globe, organisations of all types are striving to adapt to lockdown measures and a dramatically altered economic outlook. It is important to always look ahead and as business activity revives, it will be particularly important for SME manufacturers to become as efficient as possible, with systems in place to handle the challenges ahead. We look forward to businesses everywhere returning to normal operations as soon as they possibly can. In the meantime, we wish everybody well as we work through this difficult situation.”

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