Companies Announce Mission To Drive Metrology Industry Evolution.

27 January, 20

Two metrology specialists have moved to usher in a golden age of production by offering UK manufacturers a unique opportunity to enhance their part measurement capabilities.

To mark the start of a new decade, OGP UK and VICIVISION UK are offering discounts of up to £20,000 on their state-of-the-art multi-sensor and optical inspection technology to any business trading in a shadowgraph, co-ordinate measurement machine (CMM) or optical system.

With confidence in the manufacturing sector booming, the two businesses – both part of the Carfulan Group – argue that no-one can afford to be left behind at a time when customer demand and expectation around product quality and speed of delivery are at an all-time high.

The company’s engineers are even offering free, no-obligation demonstrations of OGP and VICIVISION technology, where they promise to prove how it will deliver the sort of cost and efficiency benefits required for continued success into Industry 4.0.

OGP UK Sales Manager Graham Shaw said:

“Good measurement makes for good manufacturing, and we know from more than 30 years’ experience in the industry that there’s nothing that our multi-sensor metrology technology can’t measure.

“It has enabled countless businesses across a multitude of sectors to dramatically improve production, freeing untapped potential and giving them a rapid return on investment.

“Traditional measurement systems need manual operation and are therefore slow and prone to human error. OGP multi-sensor machines, on the other hand, house world-leading optical, laser and tactile sensors in a single unit, automatically selecting the right tools for any task in the same routine and analysing the data using advanced software.

“With more accurate and real-time statistics about noise on your production line comes total control. Issues can be put right immediately so that parts are right first time, scrap and rework are eliminated and productivity accelerates.

“Our 2020 trade-in initiative, combined with flexible finance options, is designed to make multi-sensor and optical measurement technology more accessible than ever before. We’re confident that once manufacturers discover its power, they won’t know how they lived without it.”

Every OGP SmartScope system employs optimum-performance sensors and probes to complete the work of a traditional CMM, as well as a laser scanner and profile projector, with no compromise on quality.

VICIVISION aims to increase production efficiency while reducing down time by supplying high-performance optical and non-contact measuring machines for cylindrical parts such as shafts, valves, screws and threaded inserts.

They work by collecting data through video camera technology, performing automated analysis through a combination of advanced hardware and intuitive software, right in the heart of the production environment.

Those wanting information about the upgrade scheme or to arrange a machine demo can visit and

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