Semenovskoye Middle School Students Visit Cherkizovo Group’s Robot Plant In Kashira.

27 December, 19

As the New Year festive period approaches, Cherkizovo Group has embraced the Christmas spirit and opened its Kashira plant to sixth, seventh and eighth graders from Semenovskoye Middle School, located in the Moscow Region’s Stupino District.

Students were taken on a guided tour of the plant and shown the entire sausage production process. With the help of artificial intelligence, this process is operated entirely by robots from the moment raw materials enter the facility to the shipment of finished products.

It came as a surprise to the kids that such a big plant requires little to no human intervention, – with only 170 IT specialists and engineers employed to support the automated systems.

During the tour, the students learned that Cherkizovo sausages are made from chilled meat produced on its own farms. This guarantees the quality and safety of its products. The visit ended with a sausage tasting session. Despite stiff competition, the Astoria smoked sausage and the Doktorskaya cooked sausage were chosen as the students’ favourites.

Some of the children even expressed their desire to join the plant’s team one day.

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