New Technology An ‘Eye-Opener’ For Open House Visitors.

11 December, 19

Some of the UK’s most renowned engineers and manufacturers have descended on Derbyshire to get a glimpse of new technologies expected to take the metrology field by storm.

Live demonstrations, hands-on challenges and multi-sensor measurement systems never before seen on these shores were the highlights of OGP UK’s 2019 open house, attracting dozens of visitors through the doors of its Innovation Centre in Foston.

The FlexPoint – the only co-ordinate measurement machine featuring multiple high-accuracy sensors in a VersaFlex cluster head – proved a major draw, as did the advanced Fusion 350 system and ShapeGrabber Ai620, a metrology-class 3D scanner capable of rapidly assessing complex surfaces with a high density of data points.

The open house was followed by a two-day technical partner meeting, hosted by OGP UK for the first time and bringing together 26 representatives from 15 channel partners of parent company Quality Vision International (QVI), from all over Europe.

For most, it was their very first chance to see both the new technology and machines from across the OGP range – including SNAP, Vantage and CNC models – all under one roof, as well as to hear about developments in ZONE3 multi-sensor metrology software and to share valuable knowledge.

Tad Davis, Vice President of Operations in Europe at OGP Inc, flew in especially from the US for the open house and technical partner meeting.

He said:

“This really positive, successful event was particularly special because we were introducing newly released products in the FlexPoint and ShapeGrabber.

“We had great equipment, as well as great hospitality and facilities to be able to demonstrate all of our technologies. We couldn’t have asked for a better venue, participation or more positive outcomes.

“The open house gave visitors the chance to see brand new equipment and it was eye-opening for them to know that there are other technologies we offer that they may not have known about before.

“To have the opportunity to see ZONE3 in action was also good, giving people an appreciation that the software is capable to the point where it can be used across a wide variety of machines, from traditional CMMs to multi-sensor.

“Some visitors just weren’t aware of that and I sensed a lot of interest.”

OGP UK Sales Manager Graham Shaw said:

“With the most diverse range of machines that we’ve ever had on site, our showroom looked stunning throughout the week and there was a real buzz about the place.

“Those who came along were given a unique insight into the many advancements in multi-sensor metrology technology.

“We plan to keep the machines here for a few weeks yet, so anyone interested in seeing them is welcome to contact us to arrange a visit so that they don’t miss out.”

Regardless of the size of the manufacturing operation, multi-sensor metrology systems allow businesses to gauge the characteristics of the parts they produce quickly, repeatably and without human error.

Working with real-time, micron-accurate statistics means operators can identify and remedy any production issues immediately, leading to less scrap and a faster throughput of high-quality, right-first-time products.

Having earned UKAS accreditation, OGP UK is able to perform acceptance and re-verification tests on optical measuring systems in accordance with ISO 10360-7, confirming that the company works to the very highest quality standards.

With unique access to machine error compensation and verification routines, its engineers deliver holistic calibrations to maintain equipment at manufacturer specifications throughout its entire lifetime.

More information about OGP UK is available at

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