tesa® Simplifies Masking Process For Transportation Sector.

5 November, 19

Modern industrial paint systems and processes affect transportation businesses with diverse areas of specialism, from trains and trucks to marine and special vehicles. Despite being a tricky proposition at face value, large objects with curved areas and specific environmental needs require the same level of performance and reliability as any other masking process, if not more so.

tesa®, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions, has responded to this need with tesa®4338, a high-performance paper masking grade tape specifically developed to improve process efficiency and increase flexibility.

Excellent handling and high conformability are pre-requisites for industrial tape, especially in sectors such as transportation, where rework due to tape lifting could have expensive time and cost repercussions. Better masking results are achieved when correct application properties are considered, so tesa® 4338 has been developed with common elements of frustration in mind, such as the difficulty posed by curved areas for windows. The elongated properties of tesa® 4338 guarantee this tape does not tear when handling curves and bends, yet remains easy and controlled to unwind.

Bright green in colour, the smooth crepe paper backing of tesa® 4338 provides a vivid contrast to primers and fillers, making it ideal to see up against masking paper and for use in scenarios where identification is critical. Due to its natural rubber adhesive, the tape is suitable for adhesion to steel and has a thickness of 145µm. Convenient application and clean plaint edges are ensured thanks to good quick stick properties for secure bond on various surfaces (without peel-off), excellent adherence of paints and fillers and easy unwinding capabilities without the risk of curling. tesa® 4338 also shows superior performance with water-based coatings.

Multiple drying cycles are often required on large scale transportation projects so tesa® 4338 is designed to have clean removal, providing higher efficiency in a single masking step for up to 6 baking cycles at 120°C. High adhesion remains even at 80°C oven baking temperature, when using large sheets of masking paper and for multiple passes of paint and heavy coats of spray filler.

Ageing resistant properties are also an essential factor, with 7-day UV-resistance and temperature resistance of 120 °C having a direct impact on flexibility; masked objects gain the ability to be partially stored outside for short lengths of time.

Peter Spencer, Strategic Segment Manager tesa UK, says

“For those involved in transportation, such as the rail or automotive industry, it is important to ensure every aspect of a job has an effective and efficient solution. tesa® 4338 not only meets the requirements of modern industrial paint systems and processes, but simplifies and optimises the entire masking process.”

tesa offer a range of high-quality adhesive tapes for many different requirements. For more information visit www.tesa.co.uk

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