Bat Boxes Offer Spookacular Opportunity To Revamp Homes For Halloween.

31 October, 19

With Halloween just around the corner, building products manufacturer Forterra is providing the ideal opportunity for self-builders, developers and specifiers to create a haven for bats in a range of buildings, at this time of year and beyond.

Forterra’s bespoke brick product division, Cradley Special Brick, has devised a bat access box to allow the creatures room to roost in new builds and extensions, across urban as well as rural areas.

Bats’ complex roosting requirements mean they benefit from a range of sites in which to settle, from daytime roosts in warmer weather to winter hibernation and breeding bases. Forterra’s bat access box has the aesthetic advantage of blending into the surrounding brickwork, whilst offering an unobtrusive opening by which bats can access the rectangular structure.

A crucial consideration is the height at which to install the bat box, as bats benefit from roosts high above the ground to avoid the threat posed by predators. Some species even prefer to position themselves at least five metres above ground when roosting. For these reasons, fitting a bat box beneath the eaves or sheltering it underneath a balcony or overhang is ideal, especially as it provides protection from harsh weather conditions.

John Richardson, General Manager at Cradley Special Brick, explained:

“With bats’ natural, former roosting places gradually being destroyed, bat boxes are increasingly being included as a requirement for new developments by planning departments. We also see steadily high demand for this product from those in the process of adding extensions to older homes.

“Autumn is a great time to purchase and install a bat box, as these creatures begin to seek out somewhere to settle in for the cold season. We would advise anyone who would like to know more about this unique product to contact us for further information and installation advice.”

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