APEX Dynamics’ World-Class Support Package For Servo Gearboxes.

20 September, 19

APEX Dynamics, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of precision servo gearboxes, is setting the benchmark for customer service in the automation and motion control industry by offering a world-first, a five-year warranty plan on its entire product range.

This unique support package from a major manufacturer of precision servo gearboxes is only available in the UK and Ireland from APEX Dynamics UK, the exclusive and sole authorised distributor of this brand of equipment.

In addition to pioneering a world-beating length of warranty on this type of equipment in the industry, APEX Dynamics also offers customers the shortest lead times, with the capability to deliver in three weeks or less, compared to others’ timescales of 15 weeks or more.

As well as setting the standard for customer service, the Uttoxeter-based company is buoyant about the future after recently launching a new range of stainless steel, planetary servo gearboxes that it says will be a game-changer for the food, pharmaceutical, packaging and automation sectors.

Apex Dynamics is established in 35 countries and has an impressive standard product range comprising more than 36 different models, with customers supported in making their choice by a full factory design and test service.

What makes these high-performance, planetary servo gearboxes different, but not significantly more expensive than standard steel units, is the stainless-steel body and patented design features around the gearbox and bearings, which make them ideal for food grade applications.

Managing Director of APEX Dynamics UK, Mike Gulliford, says the company is driven by the innovation spirit, which is why its support and delivery times are unmatched by global competitors, saying:

“We offer a vision of the future in this field of technology. We’re so confident in the quality and reliability of our products that we are able to back this up with a five-year warranty.

“Our equipment portfolio includes in-line and right-angle gearboxes for a whole range of applications, offering economy and high-performance models. We stock a huge range of ratios and drop-in replacements which, along with our product quality standards, enables us to offer customers the security of such a lengthy service guarantee”

The company has also been investing in people and resources to develop new products and further expand its global sales network. One of the world’s leading servo gearbox and rack and pinion manufacturers, APEX Dynamics’ precision products are capable of backlash accuracy down to less than one arc minute as well as being cleverly designed for easy cleaning and sterilising in an environment involving food grade materials or pharmaceuticals.

Special features can also be catered for in the three-week timescale, but bespoke and R&D projects might take a little longer for very specific niche products which can be used for increasingly demanding applications, especially to do with liquids.

Founded in Taiwan in 1987, APEX Dynamics Inc. started with the production of take-out robots for plastics injection moulding machines before moving into the technology of high-precision planetary gearboxes for servomotors, based initially on their internal need for precision servo gearboxes for the robot products.

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