Advanced Dynamics’ ‘Perfect’ Solutions Win Over Automotive Brands.

10 September, 19

Advanced Dynamics Ltd stepped into the breach to restore a business’s faith in packaging solution partners after the boss of one of the UK’s leading automotive distribution companies felt let down by his previous supplier.

Adam Weaver, Managing Director of Automotive Brands, a leading UK distributor of accessories for the motor industry, found itself urgently looking for a new supplier that would go the extra mile to deliver the filling and labelling system he required, quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Dynamics has been in the packaging solutions business a long time and is proud of its ethos of giving customers the very best experience possible. Sales Director Tom Smith explained how the firm was honoured to step in when the relationship between Automotive Brands and its previous equipment supplier broke down.

“Our reputation for being the most proactive, supportive partner in the industry had reached Adam and steered him to our exhibition stand at the NEC – where he was so impressed by what he saw and heard that he effectively bought the kit off the stand.

The kit in question was from our Pack Leader range; a combination of the FL-122 twelve head, twin lane filling system and a PRO-625W bottle labelling machine which are doing just what the customer ordered – accurate filling and labelling of products at high speed. Presentation and speed are vital in such a competitive market and our aim has always been to help Automotive Brands’ products – notably its award-winning Steel Seal Head Gasket Fix, Power Maxed Valeting and Detailing range – to shine on shelf.”

Adam Weaver added: “Advanced Dynamics provided an instant solution. They were the straightest talking, easiest people to deal with, and the kit produces so quickly that we can hardly keep up. There are many areas where we need to invest and we will be using Advanced Dynamics to get us there. They have been great and I would recommend them to anyone – well, other than a competitor!”

Tom Smith agreed, saying

“An excellent rapport between supplier and customer is crucial. We are committed to forging long-term, service-based partnerships that customers find invaluable and hopefully inspiring. A proactive support ethos is at the heart of everything we do, whatever type of packaging machinery you require.

“Automotive Brands’ ongoing custom is really valued as it allows us to prove to them exactly what we are about and why we stand out from our competitors. Building a good relationship through supportive customer service, as well as reliable and cost-effective equipment, can help industries deliver products to market more quickly and effectively without costly interruptions.”

Final word goes to Adam Weaver:

“All the staff at Advanced Dynamics have been great. Their service and installation engineers are a credit to the business. They really want things to be perfect and will put in very long hours if needed to achieve that.”

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