Conductive Plastics Europe 2019 – Developing Technologies And Applications For Thermally And Electrically Conductive Plastics.

14 August, 19

The 4th European edition of AMI’s Conductive Plastics conference will take place at the Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen in Vienna, Austria, on 5-6 November 2019. Over the past four years, this market-leading event has established itself as the place to learn about current and emerging additive technologies available to developers of electrically and thermally conductive polymeric materials for use in emerging application areas such as electric vehicles, smart devices and LED lighting.

In the automotive sector, electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are predicted to account for 30% of sales by as soon as 20251. Powering these vehicles will require new generations of batteries that combine advanced thermal management with much reduced cost and improved space utilisation. Meanwhile, the market for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is growing at close to 50% a year and could be worth as much as $132bn by 20262. Implementing safety critical technologies such as pedestrian detection and collision avoidance means developing robust but affordable electronics protected from electrical interference and thermal exposure.

Beyond the automotive sector, smart devices continue to penetrate every area of modern life, with growth in smart home devices alone running at more than 18% annually. Realising these growth rates requires ongoing success in reducing cost, improving durability and simplifying manufacturing.

Thermally and electrically conductive plastics are among the key technologies that will enable these future markets to develop. The ability to deliver plastics that meet new application demands will result in a raft of metal and ceramic replacement opportunities for the plastics industry. Conductive Plastics 2019 will examine the latest innovations in the development, processing and application of all types of conductive plastics, reviewing their potential in growing markets ranging from electric vehicles, through electronics and luminares, to equipment for use in explosive environments.

The two-day programme covers carbon and graphite additives, including graphenes and other nano-carbon products, as well as novel mineral-based materials. It will discuss formulation and production of conductive materials, as well as the issues that must be addressed at the product design and processing stages of projects.

As in previous editions, Conductive Plastics Europe 2019 will bring together a truly international audience of senior representatives from across the entire supply chain. The event will provide unrivalled opportunities to network, exchange experiences and learn through interaction with colleagues, suppliers, customers and competitors.

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