Start Your ‘Side Hustle’ With Help From AA Labels.

4 July, 19

With four in ten Brits now running a ‘side hustle’ alongside their nine to five, AA Labels has launched a new, free service to support those looking to make extra money.

The research on the new age of the ‘side hustle’ from Henley Business School demonstrates the need for the specialist label manufacturer’s newly developed software, which features pre-designed templates for a wide range of labels to fit bottles, jars, bags and boxes.

More than 200 label designs are freely available for editing, enabling customers to design professionally produced labels for homemade products such as candles, soaps, artisan foods and more.

The pre-designed label templates include attractive designs suitable for a range of products and flavours, and feature elements that can be easily customised.
The easy-to-use software means anyone can easily create professional-looking custom product labels that can then be ordered online for delivery.

Additional research from GoDaddy and the Centre for Economics and Business Research has highlighted the growing trend among specific demographics: 44% of side hustles are run by parents and 20% are run by millennials.

Ian Axelsen, Business Development Manager at AA Labels, comments: “Start-up costs are a big concern and sometimes a high barrier to entry for hobbyists who are looking to start selling their products for the first time, or transitioning from hobby to business. For parents and young people in particular, spending over £200 on graphic design services just isn’t an option.

“However, the graphics featured on your label are essential for establishing brand identity and are therefore the strongest sales pitch you can make to your customer. By using professionally pre-designed labels for products, individuals can customise all elements of the design to create customised labels quickly, that look good and deliver their brand message.

“In other words, at start-up it is one less thing to think about, allowing you to concentrate on developing and perfecting your products, while adding a professional, high quality finish to the packaging with the label.

“This software has been designed with users in mind to ensure the process is quick and easy, with features such as print guide lines added for users with limited experience of design tools. Simply select the label format you want to design, followed by the size and shape that is most suitable for your product. All images, logos and text can be amended and replaced, as can barcodes and QR codes, to create a unique product label.”

The full range of pre-designed labels currently covers the following products:
• Jams, Honey and other condiments
• Pickles and Sauces
• Candles and Diffusers
• Bathing Products and Skincare
• Cooking Oils and Vinegars
• Coffee and Tea
• Dried Food
• Dried Herbs

The list of product categories continues to grow and AA Labels designers and developers are continually adding new designs.

Start designing professional labels for your products by visiting

AA Labels, based in Woodston, Peterborough, specialises in designing, producing and printing labels for every major market and industry sector. Established in 2006, the business manufactures and distributes plain and printed labels in a range of materials, adhesives and finishes for commercial, industrial, specialist and home use.

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