Free App Gives BITO Box Users Security.

14 May, 19

With the help of the new BITO Seal+Track app, companies can easily and reliably monitor their goods and ensure they have not been opened without permission.

A free complement to both BITO MB multi-purpose containers and BITO EQ folding boxes, the Seal+Track app makes transporting or storing high-security goods even safer. It lets users easily communicate and compare the barcode information on the security seals on these containers and boxes.

BITO’s MB container and EQ box can be securely closed with an anti-tamper seal, making them ideal units for transporting contents such as high-value freight, documents or medical products – as well as protecting such items against unauthorised access. The seals are printed with sequentially numbered laser barcodes. This makes each seal unique, effectively eliminating the possibility of tampering or manipulation.

The Seal+Track app can be installed on all modern smartphones in just a few steps, ready for immediate operation. It is extremely easy to use: the sender seals the containers with the barcoded seals, launches the Seal+Track app and scans each of the codes in the shipment using their smartphone. The scanned codes are then uploaded to a cloud server. The app then sends an email to the recipient containing a link showing all of the scanned codes. The recipient can load these codes onto their smartphone using their copy of the app.

When the goods arrive, the recipient scans the seals again using the app, which automatically compares each of the codes against those provided by the sender. If a code matches, it is marked with a green check. If the code does not match, this indicates that the container in question may have been tampered with. The app also provides the option to save and/or send additional information such as order numbers, recipient details, the purpose of a shipment and general comments.

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