RBLI To Provide A Commercial Health And Disability Support Service In 100th Year.

1 April, 19

Businesses looking for support in employing or helping people in work with disability and health conditions can now turn to a charity with 100 years of experience in helping those facing such challenges in the workplace.

Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) was founded in 1919 to provide support for sick and injured troops returning from the battlefields of the First World War.

Today its two social enterprises, Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company (BBMC) and Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company (SBMC) provide jobs for more than 110 disabled veterans and civilians at its three factories in Kent, Surrey and Renfrewshire.

Through its Employment Solutions division, the charity is now making its century of expertise available to companies UK wide through a range of services which include workplace assessments, training for diversity and disability in the workplace, supporting staff and managers with education around disability or health issues, and supporting colleagues experiencing workplace barriers or issues.

“As a charity dedicated to working with people with disabilities and health conditions, providing them with employment and accommodation and helping them live independent lives for more than 100 years, we believe we are uniquely placed to help businesses improve their own support for such colleagues,” said Andy Milton, Director of Employment Services at RBLI.

“We provide a range of management support, including working with occupational health and HR teams to implement practical workplace solutions, or with senior management teams to improve organisational awareness and understanding around having a diverse team. Our national team of expert qualified assessors enables us to identify and recommend the right solutions that really can level the playing field and maximise potential in the workplace.”

RBLI services include professional workplace assessments for anyone with work-related barriers, disabilities or impairments; workstation assessments; and disability awareness training.

“We can deliver these services anywhere in the UK and across sectors including, but not limited to, national and local government, retail, transport, warehousing and logistics, care, IT, hospitality and financial services,” said Andy Milton.

“As a not-for-profit organisation, every penny RBLI makes through commercial enterprises such as Employment Solutions goes straight back to providing employment and care support for the wide range of military and non-military beneficiaries who need and rely on our support.

“Our clients know that not only does their investment help improve the working lives of their teams, but also the everyday lives of thousands of disadvantaged and disabled people supported by RBLI across the UK.”

For more information on RBLI’s Employment Solutions, visit workplaceinclusion.co.uk or email [email protected] or call 01622 795983

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