RHA Welcomes Government’s ‘No-deal’ Brexit Commitment To International Hauliers.

5 February, 19

The Road Haulage Association welcomes the Government’s commitment to keep international haulage operating effectively if there’s a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

The changes proposed, if reciprocated by the EU, represent a major relaxation of the restrictions that would otherwise be imposed by quota-limited ECMT permits.

But the Association is concerned about the future for UK hauliers undertaking cabotage in the EU and calls on ministers to reveal plans to protect those operations should the UK leave without a deal.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “This is a welcome move by Government but it is essential that if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, any road transport operations must be reciprocal.

“We cannot have one rule for UK hauliers and another for European operators. There is still a need for more clarity and detail, and we call for those assurances from ministers as a matter of urgency.”

The RHA is concerned by a lack of clarity for UK hauliers transiting through the EU to non-EU destinations such as Switzerland and Norway.

Concluding, Richard Burnett said: “As the UK proposes to allow transit by EU hauliers we expect the Government to insist on reciprocal arrangements for UK hauliers. We also need to see progress on a long-term relationship that will allow road haulage to operate with fluidity across EU/UK borders.”

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