FTA’S Intial Reaction To Government Consultation On 10 Year Tyre Ban.

27 February, 19

The government announced today (26 February 2019) that it will consult on options to ban 10-year-old tyres from use on buses, coaches, heavy goods vehicles and mini-buses to help keep road users safe. In response, Christopher Snelling, Head of UK Policy at FTA (Freight Transport Association), commented:

“Given the amount of mileage covered by a typical commercial driver, FTA finds it unlikely that many of our members have tyres that are 10 years old. FTA is committed to ensuring the highest safety standards are met across the logistics industry, and as such, is happy to work with the Department for Transport (DfT) on this consultation. If tyres are undertaking particularly low mileage, there may be a case for exemption, but this needs to be considered further.

“FTA is dismayed, however, that DfT has embarked upon this consultation without publishing the results of the tyre analysis completed by the Transport Research Laboratory. The results of this research would help determine the correct policy position in this area, so issuing a consultation without this information seems a less than ideal way to get an informed response”

Efficient logistics is vital to keep Britain trading, directly having an impact on more than seven million people employed in the making, selling and moving of goods. With Brexit, new technology and other disruptive forces driving change in the way goods move across borders and through the supply chain, logistics has never been more important to UK plc.  A champion and challenger, FTA speaks to Government with one voice on behalf of the whole sector, with members from the road, rail, sea and air industries, as well as the buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers.

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