Ferretto Group To Exhibit At TISE 2019 In Las Vegas.

17 January, 19

Ferretto Group – one of the leading providers of material handling and storage solutions – will present its automated storage and retrieval systems – designed to move, lift and stock stone slabs and plates – at the upcoming TISE 2019, held on January 23-25, 2019 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center of Las Vegas.

Comprised of three world-class tradeshows – SURFACES, StonExpo/Marmomac, and Tile Expo events – TISE is the largest North American stone industry event serving fabricators, installers, retailers, distributors, and architects. The event brings together buyers and sellers from all over the world to see the latest natural stone products, tools, services and technologies.

With the natural stone industry growing at an astounding pace, thanks to the increasing demand for natural stone surfacing, TISE 2019 offers a unique chance to discover the latest technologies that can help manufacturing companies to keep their operations safe, efficient and productive. In addition, the 2018 Market Research Department at BNP Media reports that natural stone fabricators are planning to make major investments in the upcoming years. With the material handling ranking as one of the most popular equipment on the purchase plan, TISE`s attendees will be on the lookout for innovative technologies to store and handle their products.

As a matter of fact, stone products are heavy and expensive materials to move, lift and stock. For their nature, they are also fragile and easy to be scratched and damaged. Material handling systems require to be designed to avoid over-stressing or cracking of stone panels during storage and transportation. These hazards can significantly increase production costs and cause expensive delays in the delivery. Moreover, the heavy and irregular shapes pose serious concerns in term of the safety of both products and operators.

During the event in Las Vegas, italian Ferretto Group will present its automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) that are designed to address these very specific needs, offering efficiency, safety and cost saving benefits to the natural stone manufacturing companies.

With Ferretto’s automated storage systems, stone slabs and plates are handled by means of stacker cranes that slide on rails, with different configurations. Materials can be handled and stored in specific trays, A-frame, crates or without support, depending on the characteristics and intended use of the system. Slabs can be picked vertically, horizontally or with mixed configurations both inside or outside the storage area offering flexible solutions based on the available space.

The stacker cranes are equipped with pick-up tools such as telescopic forks or dragging devices designed to pick-up or drop-off trays. Moreover the system can be integrated with chain conveyors, shuttles, LGVs or forklifts to efficiently move the materials within each production and storage phase.

With numerous solutions all designed and built in-house, the group is one of the leading provider of material handling systems for the natural stone industry.

Visit us at TISE 2019 in the Marmomac pavilion

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