Visiontrack Introduces New Video Telematics Mobile App.

11 December, 18

VisionTrack, the leading provider of vehicle CCTV and video telematics solutions, has launched a new version of its mobile app to significantly improve the user experience for fleet customers. The mobile app replicates all the functionality and usability of the company’s award-winning IoT platform, so it is now possible to effectively monitor a vehicle operation from a smartphone and respond instantly by accessing video footage of any incident.

“We have transformed the user experience with the introduction of this next-generation mobile app,” explains Richard Lane, Commercial Director of VisionTrack. “The intuitive and user-friendly interface means our customers have immediate access to critical vehicle data, video footage and analytics, gaining added visibility and control over their fleets wherever they are.”

The mobile app displays real-time fleet information captured from VisionTrack’s range of video telematics solutions, including journey routes, driver behaviour events and footage. Alarms and email alerts can be configured for all driving events, so users can quickly understand the cause and context of what has occurred, ascertain the severity of an incident and take appropriate action. Meanwhile, an overview of driver behaviour events provides a simple means of monitoring harsh driving as well as speeding in relation to a road’s speed limit.

Snapshot images are available as a visual event summary, while journey playback provides full details of the specific route taken and the speed of a vehicle. If further investigation is required, a user can download and view footage from any part of the journey and the subsequent incident all via the mobile app. This not only offers complete visibility of all driving events, but also ensures optimum data usage.

“We are committed to using cutting-edge technologies to help fleets achieve a wide range of insurance, safety and efficiency benefits. Our new mobile app will help our customers to instantly get on top of an incident to better protect employees, improve driving styles, quickly establish liability and where appropriate speed up the claims management process,” concludes Lane.

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