FTA Advises Caution In Calais As Protests Continue.

23 November, 18

As we enter the sixth day of ‘Gilets Jaunes’ protests in France, Sarah Laouadi , FTA’s European Policy Manager, has this advice to share with commercial vehicle drivers planning to use the Dover-Calais route:

“FTA advises all drivers planning to travel to Calais, France to be very careful: protests against rising fuel prices are escalating on the A16 in Calais. Now in its sixth day, the protest shows little sign of dissipating over the weekend. Trucks have been caught in illegal road blocks, with dangerous objects being placed on the road by protesters, and two drivers have been victims of attacks with broken windows. Drivers are advised to be particularly vigilant as stowaway attempts have been reported amid this chaotic situation; vehicles stopped in queues are particularly vulnerable and there is notable traffic congestion. Industry best practice on preventing clandestine entrants – as described in the Border Force Code of Practice – is more relevant than ever. Incidents between demonstrators and police officers have also been reported.

“FTA is advising its members to stay safe and will keep its members informed of any developments – please stay tuned and remain vigilant.”

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