Promotion Bolsters’s Sales Team.

27 June, 18 has recently promoted one of the company’s longest standing sales representatives Dan Starnes to the role of Sales Manager, based at the Eastbourne Head Office.

Dan joined the company in 2004, when he was just 17 years old, initially working as a fork-lift truck driver, before joining the small sales team in 2005. From his early days in sales, Dan developed strong relationships with clients, and delivered the excellent service levels for which the company is well known.

Dan’s dedication to the company’s goals, his clients and colleagues, saw him move to the role of Internal Sales Team Leader in 2015. In this role he managed the Internal Sales Team, and trained new team members, in both the products and the IT systems. Dan enjoyed this role, and was keen to pass on his experience and knowledge to the new team members – Dan said the most important thing to remember is that “people buy from people”.

In June 2018, and following more growth in the Sales Team, with Casey Ham and Dean Lynch having joined the company, also on Internal Sales, Dan has been promoted again to the position of Sales Manager, and will continue to grow, train and develop the team.

Speaking about the evolution of the business Dan said how fantastic it feels to see such growth over the years: “The business has a strong structure with a dynamic team who are able to provide the best results daily. It’s nice to be part of a team that is so determined to give the best possible customer service, whilst also growing the business”.

When asked what his favourite product was, he said the Pool Pallet 1200 x 1000 was at the top of his list due to its perfect mix of being heavy duty, affordable and high quality. Dan said: “My biggest ever order for that pallet was over 10,000 – I was very happy that day and received champagne as a gift from Jim [Managing Director]. The support from Jim and Chris has been fantastic. They look after their employees which, makes it an exciting, and enjoyable place to work”.

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