European Commission Plastic Waste Strategy Should Be Adopted By UK Following Brexit, Say Vanden Recycling.

18 January, 18

Vanden Recycling has welcomed the European Commission’s Plastic Waste Strategy for recognising the continued importance of plastics, as well as focusing on increasing the recycling of it.

With the European Commission setting out a plan that all plastic packaging must be recyclable or reusable by 2030, Vanden Recycling has welcomed the overall thrust of the strategy and would like to see it adopted in the UK even after Brexit.

In particular, Vanden Recycling notes that the European Commission has recognised the current public desire for improved environmentally-friendly use of plastic including better and easier recycling of plastic packaging.

With a plastic recycling facility in Peterborough, Vanden is also pleased to see that the European Commission is committed to increase the demand for recycled plastics helping to create a more economically sustainable recycling industry.

Vanden Recycling UK managing director David Wilson said: “As an established UK plastic recycling company, we welcome the ambitions of the European Commission to ensure that all plastic packaging is recyclable by 2030.

“We are also pleased that at a time when some are criticising plastics, that the European Commission recognises the sustainable and economic contribution that plastics make to the European economy. It is also good to see that the European Commission wants to create an economically successful plastic recycling industry and will put in measures to support its growth.

“One of the elements of the strategy that we particularly like is the ambition for providing reliable, high-volume supply of recycled plastics to manufacturers. At Vanden Recycling we pride ourselves on already doing this. But we welcome the idea of quality specifications for recycled plastics, making products designed to be recycled or reused as this will help the public to recycle more effectively, and especially quality standards for sorted plastic waste and recycled plastics. All of this will make it much easier to recycle plastics into a high-quality product.

“We hope that the UK will also adopt this strategy after Brexit as a consistent plastic waste strategy in both UK and EU will be beneficial to a successful plastic recycling industry.”

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