Hands-on Now: The Global Trade 2-Year Plan of Attack for Traders.

25 August, 17

Warwick, 23rd August 2017 – It’s a turbulent time for global trade compliance: New sanctions, new trade agreements, and Brexit developments are keeping British traders on their toes. To help them to become Brexit-proof before 2019, global trade and supply chain experts in manufacturing and trade businesses are invited to attend a free conference featuring expert speakers. Organised by AEB (International) Ltd and the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILTUK), the conference takes place on 11th October 2017 in Warwick. Delegates can register free of charge at https://www.aeb.com/uk/events/compliance-conference-registration.php.

Titled “Hands-on Now: The Global Trade 2-Year Plan of Attack for Traders”, the conference aims to help businesses to modernise compliance programmes and master today’s and tomorrow’s global trade challenges. The conference programme includes updates on latest regulatory developments as well as interactive sessions to address the most critical business challenges and prepare a two-year plan for successful compliance programmes in dynamic environments:

·         Latest status on Brexit and trade negotiations
·         Different scenarios under “hard” or “soft” Brexit
·         Why traders need to act now and what they can do
·         Modernising global trade programmes to manage changes
·         Expert panel discussion to address business challenges
·         Hands-on workshops to prepare 2-year global trade plans
·         Networking sessions with industry experts and officials

Confirmed speakers include:
·         Jane Sewell, National Manager, HMRC
·         Jeanette Rosenberg, Head of Special Casework, Export Control Organisation
·         Julie Cooper, International Trade Compliance Manager, Spectris
·         Lindy Davies-Myatt, Senior Manager, Corporate Compliance, Inmarsat
·         Matthew Clark, Head of UK Customs, Excise & International Trade, PwC
·         Geoff Taylor, Managing Director, AEB (International) Ltd

Geoff Taylor, Managing Director of AEB (International) Ltd, said: “Many businesses are worried about the impact of Brexit on their global supply chain but they still hesitate to take action because of the prevailing uncertainty. But there is much to do and those who wait put their business at risk. There is no reason to wait for new trade agreements, for example, or new immigration policies to future-proof compliance programmes. Global trade is always on the move and UK traders need to ensure performance and flexibility of their compliance programmes throughout all ongoing and upcoming developments to master compliance in the future while keeping a competitive edge.”

The conference is organised by AEB (International) Ltd, a leading provider of supply chain logistics software, consultancy, and services, in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILTUK). Delegates can register free of charge at https://www.aeb.com/uk/events/compliance-conference-registration.php.

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